Chart analysis


What we have here is a classic case of support and resistance. Historically, we have never been over the 142 mark, so that is a huge line of resistance, and it’s going to take energy and momentum to get over it.

One major positive is that we are creating higher levels of support and higher levels of resistance as we are moving on. The nearest point of resistance is about 115, so watch for that number to be broken before we start to make a serious move up. “Most Savage Roll Call” is getting tons of TalkingHeads clicks, and people seem to be coming back.

I think that the TalkingHeads crowd is a little more Stoney-friendly, as opposed to the Sid Vicious crowd. I mean think about it. People who look up Sid Vicious are probably between 12-17 years old, whereas it takes a couple of years to mature enough to listen to TalkingHeads. So now we’ve got a more mature crowd coming in, and they’re feeling us a little more. Right now, showing about 20 TH search clicks.

Suit, you are still a full-fledged bitchboy in my book. Making that list only got me started in listing a long list of flagrant abuses of common terms of friendship, you fuckhead.


1 Response to “Chart analysis”

  1. 1 suityourself April 19, 2007 at 7:17 am

    listen, here, stoney. you better watch out. you’re not the only one with some ammunition… how about nyc? you stole my wallet out of my pocket, left it in a bar in the hopes that i would be a victim of identity theft. i used to think i left it there myself, but now i am sure it was you. and that’s just the tip of the iceburg… be careful. remember, your lady-friend views this site regularly… just kidding, ladyt.

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