On doing nothing, and what’s behind your face

Here we are again, doing nothing. YOU are reading a blog. I am writing it.

The metaphysical implications of blogging and reading blogs are not boundless, but they are “interesting” to say the least.

What are you thinking about, coming here and clicking on my blog to read about something?  I ask a lot, “Who the fuck are you?” Do I know you? Why are you here?

In some ways, it makes me feel like an ancient mystic on the mountaintop, and you have just arrived after a huge journey, carrying some old manuscript or wanting to learn some serious kung-fu.  Probably, you came here out of reflex, though.  You searched for Sid Vicious somewhere, saw this and came here. Or maybe you are obsessed with the Stoney Crew, and the first thing you do when you get online is to come here.

Who the fuck am I anyway? I’m a jackass with a blog, and too much time on my hands.  I think A LOT when I sit here at work. I just space the fuck out, and do not come back until the world around me forces me to.  Why did I start this blog? Because I was severely bored, and needed a focused project to throw myself into, to avoid going clinically insane.

I realize that this blog is about nothing.  The tagline says, “A tribute to savagery…” but a treatise on capitalism and racist posts are not quite the savageness we had in mind, I think.  I do agree that we are savages, but I do not think that this blog is an appropriate manifestation of that core quality.

You want to see us be savage? Sorry, tickets are sold out, oh wait, the show is over, and guess what? You missed it. Maybe next year.

If you read this, I ask again, “Who the fuck are you, coming to my site and reading my shit???” I mean seriously, this could be the worst blog in the world…seriously.

Let’s see, we have 2 main contributors, me and Roughty. Then we have Suit, deddog and haganav, all of whom have totally stopped posting shit.  So there’s five people here, but only 2 are keeping up.

Which one of us do you know? Are you here because of Sid Vicious? Did you click around this shithole to see if you could find anything worthwhile?

And about the “what’s behind your face” part of the title…what the fuck is behind your face?  I think about that sometimes.

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