Father of the year, Part 2

Well, if you viewed last year’s father of the year, you are well aware of the standard that has been set in this prestigious competition.  However, it takes a rare father to be able to lock up my vote so early in 2007’s nominees.

This dad’s incredibly uncanny comedic timing has won my heart.  With one quick, snappy retort, daddy shut this whiny bitch up.  You have a problem with daddy’s phone plan?  Fine, get your own plan, you’re cut off Ms. Princess.  Let’s see if your loose friends will be calling you anymore. 

You don’t like junior having your friends’ numbers on his phone? I submit, why are your friends giving him their numbers?  It’s obvious this kid has enrolled in StoneyWageSlave’s “Little Savages” program.  This is where, for a nominal fee of course, a member from the Stoney team mentors America’s youth for a lifetime of savagery. 

This dad has got his act together, and is raising a fine son.  Kudos dad.  You have my full endorsement when the votes are tallied this year.


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