Retarded haircuts

Now before all of you non savages get your panties in a twist, I am not poking fun at retarded, mentally-challenged, or slow people.  I have just noticed a trend in how the media depicts those of lower brain functions.  It seems like each movie with the focal character being retarded, has said character with some sort of ridiculous, off-the-wall haircut.  What are directors and producers trying to portray?  That this guy is so bonkers that he took a weed whacker to his own head?

 I have never been able to grasp this depiction.  I understand that the character’s unkempt haircut can underscore the disarray in his life, yet this seems to be overboard.  Thinking back, I can only think of “Rain Man” that has its central, mentally retarded character with a conservative, “main-stream” haircut.   

The best example of the difference between sane and insane haircuts is from “Awakenings”.  Robert De Niro’s character goes from a disheveled comatose patient, to clean cut well-functioning patient, back to a grizzled comatose.  Is it so hard to believe that people with an IQ below 70 can get a decent haircut?  “And that’s all I have to say about that”. 

Take a look at a brief photo array below:


When will the madness end?

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