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Despite massive attempts to forget about this blog and never return, Stoney is back in action.  What have I been up to while not blogging?  Not too much actually. More of the same. I’m flat, dead ass broke. I have been showering semi-regularly, which makes me feel nice.

Who’s still coming back? Do you like feeling disappointed by our negligence? I think that you do.

Are you my friend? Do I know you?

Sid Vicious fans remain our greatest asset. I wonder if you little Vicious-ites are getting down on this blog, and keep coming back. I imagine so.

As a recap for those of you who don’t know, I work on this blog from work. I try not to ever ever work on it when I’m not getting paid for something else. Why should I?

Possible new job lined up for next week at a pretty big film company. I’m excited to say the least, but after a string of excessive job-prospect let downs, I’m trying not to give a fuck, but it’s hard.

If I get a new job, and it kicks ass, I probably will be blogging a lot less.  This very well could be the twilight years of our WordPress extension.

Roughty is coming to visit this summer, which should be nice. Dank came last summer….”Very nice.”

Hope all of you are doing good and having fun.


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