Live from Work, Episode 1

Mondays are full of shit. There have been way too many “I hate Monday” rants, so I will let the universality of the human experience back me up on this one. Fuck you, Monday.

Moving right along, let’s do a “Live from Work” blog for a few minutes to see how it goes.

All times are PST (the cool side of the country)

8:50 AM – “Live from Work” begins. Not much going on. I did all my work in the first 30 minutes, so I am sitting around, wasting time (can you tell?). The 2 big bosses are out on a “walk” Fuck them. Just talked to my EIC boss about this article. Ridiculous.

8:52 – I feel the need to clarify. I have 3 bosses. Two sit right behind me, and one over across the partition. One is still here, sitting behind me. He does not know about this blog, the fuckwit. Or does he?

8:53 – Talking to Roughty on IM. He is uninspiring and flaccid, to say the least. Not that him being hard would inspire me. I’m not deleting this.

8:55 – Bitched about the big boss to the little boss who is still here.

8:56 – My coworker DW just IMed me to comment on the boss’ walk. They have been gone for a while, maybe over an hour and a half. Maybe they are getting busy. Or “jiggy” if you prefer.

8:57 – Epiphany strikes. I am creating beautiful, breathing art with this blog, and if you are reading this, then you a part of it. Yes, bitches, YOU. We don’t have celebrity pictures up here, or mostly we don’t. How do we drive traffic? By our suave, coolness and savagery. Thank you for showing up.

8:59 – Edited DW’s article. It was fine, but I tweaked it for greater style and professionalism. I will not link to my work from this blog.

8:59 – Awaiting future epiphanies with a calm, relaxed mind.

9:00 – The hour hand changed on my computer. I haven’t updated my work shit in 15 minutes. Oops.

9:01 – Felt a pang of insult and insecurity about the fact that nobody read or liked my knight story. Oh well, fuckheads, you missed out on that one, didn’t you. Ya, you did.

9:06 – Roughty signed off IM. He’s going to the bank, to fund a major, undercover SWS operation. We will tell you about it later. YOU are on the outside…how does that feel?

9:07 – SWS first-ever “Live from Work” blog is over.

It was good for me. Was it good for you? It felt nice, especially when I had thoughts which I normally would delete, but then I kept it up for honesty’s sake (see 8:53 AM entry). I hoped you like it. Back to the grind”stone.” Not.


2 Responses to “Live from Work, Episode 1”

  1. 1 suityourself March 27, 2007 at 6:13 am

    so, lemme get this straight. you’re getting paid for blogging? i don’t know whether to be jealous or happy for you. oh… wait… i’m blogging at work, too. hmmm. yup. feels pretty good.

    all i want to know is, what the hell were you and roughty talking about that would compel him to discuss the hardness or softness of his genitalia? i don’t im, and now i know why.

  2. 2 stoneywageslave March 27, 2007 at 6:31 am

    we werent talking about his johnson, it just crossed my mind spontaneously.

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