The Knight Story Expose

Like any savage must do before becoming a full knighted savage, I failed. Pretty much all of the badass knights fail at something, and I failed at finishing my knight story. BUT, like all savage knights, through failure, I become even more savage, and a greater legend.

I have created a separate page for the story, so as not to hog space, and to hopefully lengthen shelf life.

In creating a story that is unfinished, I have followed in the footsteps of the other great Arthurian authors. Tons of stories were unfinished, or the manuscripts burnt in a fiery siege. My unfinished manuscript was burnt by the effects of a fiery seed, but that does not change the picture that much.

Thus, I open my story for editing and completion by the rest of the Stoney team. If they want to, they can keep it going. I might work on it some too, but I have now basically given up the rights to the ending, which I pretty much had planned out.

If nobody gives a shit, comments, or cares about my badass beginning of a knight story, then I will take it down and mock you, while jousting on my skateboard in Venice.


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