Rock Star

This blog happened because I want to be a rock star. When I was in college, I played guitar all the time.  There were guitars out all over the place all the time, I would be getting stoned and playing guitar, I always tried to listen to the best music….all because I wanted to play rock n roll and be awesome, and have people love me for my skills.  It was a fun dream, and I wrote a bunch of good songs, but I feel like now that the dream is finally slipping.

I go to work everyday now, come home, play with my dog, walk around on the beach, and go to sleep pretty early.  I skipped work yesterday in a fit of rockstar, and stayed up until 3 AM boozing it up and listening to music.  The problem with being a real rockstar is that it’s hard, and eventually, you go real lonely and bad shit usually happens to you.  Pete Doherty is my favorite rockstar right now, for a few different reasons, but it has become very apparent to me that he’s in a lot of pain.  Whether or not he likes that pain is up to him, but I can tell that it hurts him and everyone who can stand it to be around him.

All of these “badass” stories that we talk about, how “kewl” we are…this is our show.  This is our stage, and you, readers, are watching us jump and dance like Robert Plant with a banana in his pants.  Or, if you want to be diverse, we are like the Reverend Al Green in front of his congregation.

I guarantee you, bitches, that this show will get better. Our game will get tighter, and the vision will crystallize.  I am channeling all of my old rockstar energy into this blog.  It’s coming out differently because it is in words, but the name of the game is still the same: We are fucking badass rockstars, and you’re going to pay us $50 bucks a head to watch us do it.

I am still working on my knight story, so will not be posting meaty shit for a few more days. Page views are back up, I guess as the week goes on, you care less and less about doing the job you are being paid for, and more about exercising your ability to do nothing and waste time at work.

Have fun!


1 Response to “Rock Star”

  1. 1 deddog March 21, 2007 at 7:58 am

    well said…

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