Circle Jerk

Someone told me today that this blog is a circle jerk. He meant that we just write about ourselves, only we read it, we comment on it, and we create the stunning page views.  That, my friends, is some major bullshit.

Right now, we have gotten about 60 clicks for today.  The High Crime of Savagery, today’s best post so far, has been individually viewed 8 times.  That means 8 people clicked on that story, and came to a page designed solely for that post. WordPress doesn’t count your own clicks, so it recognizes IP addresses and does not double count them.

People all over the country are reading this blog daily.  On the weekends, everyone is out getting drunk or doing whatever, so page views go down.  The point is, you bitches keep coming back everyday to read our shit.

Everyday, or every other day, YOU type in our blog name, or just go to your favorites, and read about what we are thinking about.  How many people have I really actually told about this blog, outside of the original authors? Probably 10. I don’t know.  Only 1 person I have told I know regularly reads my blog, and that’s about it. The 1/10 number is not on account of lack of quality content, it’s on account of lack of quality readers and acquaintances.

If I tell you about this blog to your face, and you come here, and you don’t come back, then we don’t want you. If this blog were a society, we would support eugenics. If you don’t know what that means, then that’s what I’m talking about. How about this….

We don’t want you to read this blog. We do not want to be infected by your mongoloid inferiority. We do not want your annoying attention, and pleas for acknowledgement.  Whoever you are, reading this blog, you are infringing on my personal space, by reading about sensitive shit that may or may not have happened, but that is directly linked to a tight group of people.  We are not nice. Roughty is the exception because he’s the only one who licked Irish piss on the Blarney stone.

How about this: If you can create a circle jerk, with consistent participation and interest that stretches from coast to coast (literally), then you have created a more productive circle jerk than we have. Until that day, though, just sit back and read about the cool shit that we did and are doing, because you probably could not think of doing it yourself anyway.

 Here, Suityourself jumps right in. 

First, I prefer responding to the author rather than editing, because an author has a right to post what he wants but, as Roughty exhibited in an earlier post, editing is sometimes appropriate.

I really don’t like the circle jerk terminology.  Come on, a circle jerk is a pretty gross thing.  Every guy wacking it in front of each other.  That’s gross on at least three levels.  I won’t get into it too deep, but you know what I mean.  This blog, on the other hand, is not at all gross.  In fact, it’s pretty fun.  Sure, we talk about stuff that we do and have done.  Here’s something for the critics to ponder…  What the fuck else would we talk about?!  You dumb shits!  I can’t talk about what you did yesterday; I wasn’t there.  To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyways.  A great man once said, “Write what you know.”  That’s what we do on this blog, and it’s appropriate.  Last point, this blog is not a club that requires you to drop 10 bucks for admittance or something.  There’s no fucking secret password, assholes.  We’re not writing this to pander to anyone.  It’s not like we are supervised by record exec.s saying, “You gotta change that.  I don’t hear a hit.”  If you don’t like it, go away from here, and go back to surfing Google for underage pornography.  (And tell me if you find any — Just kidding — but seriously — I’m not kidding.)  This blog lets some old pals from all lat.s and long.s to keep in touch and enjoy each other’s company in a digital environment because in-person is not possible.  If that’s your definition of a circle jerk, you really need to see a real circle jerk.  Hell, you might like it.


2 Responses to “Circle Jerk”

  1. 1 suityourself March 21, 2007 at 2:33 pm

    edited your post. check it out. hope you don’t mind.

  2. 2 Mr Joel Burlin March 21, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    What a nice blog!!! I like sex!! Beware of the venice rapist A.K.A “J”

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