Capitalism and Charity

So here we go again. I promised myself after having the highest reads in one day that I would not burn out as a one hit wonder. Seeing as I haven’t slept in around two days cause school is bustn’ my ass I’m not sure how this post will turn out. Enough bitching

Turn on your TV, look at a billboard, open a magazine. What do you see? Advertisements of course, but advertisements for what? Advertisements to save. This in itself is ironic. When the twin towers fell, Bush told people to shop, shop to save your soul, shop to save your country, shop to save patriotism. To try and fix the world is a mark of a very young soul. To try and save anyone from their ration of misery. Most would call me a cynic or a pessimist, however I disagree with both perspectives. I consider myself a realist where in you accept the facts of life, change what you can, help who you can help and move the fuck on with life. I mean honestly, do people really think that if they just buy this or if they just donate this amount of money that it will help because they get some packet in the mail with a picture of some starving child, no. They don’t do this for others, they do it for themselves, well most of them anyway. They do it so they say they “did” something, that they made the effort, made the attempt.  You can see it all around you, buy this phone, help fight AIDS — the melding of consumerism and good will is becoming atrocious.  Funny, and we think we have free will.  People see an advertisement and then go out and buy the product and say they have free will. At least in the old days, people knew the gods were telling them what to do and they did it.

Coming up next: Hama Rules and how we are totally fucked in Iraq


1 Response to “Capitalism and Charity”

  1. 1 suityourself March 21, 2007 at 2:55 pm

    t lee, great point. they try to fool us into thinking we’re doing something nice, but in reality, it’s just more consumerism… keeping up with the joneses. you’re right on the money on this blog (regardless of page view numbers). one criticism, it does not sound as though you’re following your bigbro’s advice and writing drunk… you better check yo self fore you wreck yo self. en vino veritas.

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