Urban ninja

Yes this man is a savage.  However, me and my lawyers are quite pissed at him, because I am the real urban ninja.  Me and this “ninja for hire” have been running the streets performing acrobatic feats for years.  But, I have to draw the line at him stealing my hard earned persona. 

The only reason I dont have a video is because my movements are too stealthy and quick for cameras to pick up.  I heard scientists are working on creating a video camera with enough power to achieve this feat, just to catch a glimpse of my movements.  Nuts to that.  I will just use those years for intense training to further increase my ninja super powers.

If you want to get an idea of what my ninja activities look like, you can just view this video to get a feel of what I would be doing if I were moving in slow motion for cinematic effect.  Oh, and imagine a dashingly handsome Irishman carrying an array of “implements of death.”


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