Good to have you back SuitYourself

Seeing as SuitYourself feels a bit slighted by his lack of formal introduction I will do the honors.

SuitYourself is another member of the Fearsome Foursome from Williamsburg Stoney and I were part of.  He is the most professional and level headed of us here at StoneyWageSlave (but that’s not saying much).  He is currently polluting the minds of the next generation of our youth, and he can quote, from memory mind you, from the annuls of American literature.  SuitYourself is an avid fisherman and lends his weekend time as an uncanny Jesus look alike.  His beard growing super power is legendary, and the Reebox he sports have seen more miles than most people’s cars.  He can also give you advice on the care of any domesticated animal.  It’s good to have you back buddy.


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