Racism is schism on a serious tint

I said I was racist, but am I?

I caught flak for my last post, but you know what? I stand by it, every word. I went to an “exclusive” fucking bullshit Episcopalian private school from 4k-8th grade, and then went to a Jesuit high school, with all boys. Talk about fucking shutting yourself off from reality. Then, I went to a reputable school in Virginia for college, where I got my stupid English diploma, which I have yet to lay eyes on. I think that the combined “ethnic” or “minority” percentages for all of those schools combined is LITERALLY below 10%, but is probably pushing 5%. In other words, the only people I had interactions with were rich, white kids like me. That’s right, I was a rich, white kid, who did not have to worry about anything except making good grades and playing sports. Oh, and did I mention I’m a big fat fucking pussy? I played tennis…that’s right shit heads, I played TENNIS, and I was pretty good too. I played Andy Roddick once when I was like 14, and one of my best friends growing up was in the U.S. Open this year. Anyway, back to the racism schism bullshitstem.

My first real experience with racism, and the enlightenment to my own racism occurred in my sophomore year in college. As I said, I never hung out with, socialized or really knew any ethnic minorities, despite a barrage of “cultural awareness and acceptance” bullshit shit I went through in late high school and college. I’m just going to stop with the generalizations and get to the point. I went to a place of “cultural American history,” and a lot can be learned there about who we were as a young country if you were so inclined.

I learned, though, that there are different economic classes of people, and that in Williamsburg, VA, that separation often boils down to race.

I wrote a list detailing these various classes and races, but it makes my face hot, and I’m not going to put it up. I also think it’s lacking in data and breadth, so I’m not going to argue a weak point.

The point is, the black people work the shitty jobs for the white vacationers. Williamsburg is a vacation town, and rich white people come there to see a restored Colonial Town, and learn about “history.” Guess what? I went to Williamsburg when I was growing up, on the “rich white kid vacation circuit.”

Do you people think I’m racist? Roughty said, “I just don’t think like that,” and my girlfriend said, “I really don’t see it like that. I had tons of black friends.” I think that the common theme there is that both of them WENT TO PUBLIC SCHOOL. I went to all private schools, and even my college is pseudo-private, in that mostly rich white kids get in. Public schools expose you to the masses, to the general population, while private school secludes children and gives them a somewhat skewed view of reality and society.

In conclusion, I was raised by hard-working parents, who cared deeply about my future, and wanted to ensure that I was fully educated and ready for “the real world.” I grew up around white kids who were on a similar path. My induction into the “real world” of schisms, fear, hate, greed, dichotomies, capitalism, etc etc brought about a severe mental breakdown in my psyche, which I was not ready for and almost put me in the loony bin.

I am not a racist. I do not think that one group of people is superior to another based on genetic or cultural differences. I believe in the universality of the human experience.

I do believe that I was brought up in a racist world. I do believe I could have been better prepared to interact with other cultures and people.

In conclusion again, the racist talks are over, unless someone wants to bring it up again. I think racism is fascinating, and I think that it controls and influences large aspects of our society, and I think people are quick to overlook that fact. I think that people are quick to say, “I’m not racist,” when they really are. When I said I was racist, I was making the point that I view the world through the prism of race division. It is ingrained in me, I have been learning since birth. I wish it wasn’t there, so it is all I can do to call myself out on it, and to work on becoming a more open and understanding person.

And that, all you fucking bitches, is the end of my sentimentality/introspection for a while. I’m trying to make you think, by pushing a little pencil into your brain folds and twisting it around to make your eye twitch. Think, little bitches, about what you are doing, what you are saying, and who you are.


3 Responses to “Racism is schism on a serious tint”

  1. 1 roughtymcroughton March 14, 2007 at 9:19 am

    You know the funny thing is, it is true i went to a public high school, and as we all know you and I Stoney went to the same college. The funny things is, I was in culture shock too once I arrived in college. But it was different from yours, I had never been around such a racial mass-production line. Youre right, while public schools may not always offer the caliber of education a private school can, it is invaluable of integrating children from an early age. Your integration just ocurred about 18 years too late, and its harder to grasp it at that age. But you have been coming along nicely, I had to hold your fucking hand through the whole thing. Oh and also, the day you were called “cracker” while i know it traumatized you, I was there and thought it was hilarious, because come on. You are a cracker.

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