I am lying to you right now

By definition, a large percentage of the shit that I talk about, or shit that I did, or shit that I’m planning on doing, might be breaking city, state and federal laws. I could write a post or two that could really really really fuck over my public record, were the police to do some serious IP sleuthing, come to my work, and arrest me. I imagine they could, but I also imagine that they won’t.

I believe that the story of James Frey is very pertinent to my blog. James Frey wrote a book, got famous for it, and then got everybody pissed off at him because they thought he was a “liar.”  Let me tell you fuckheads one thing.  If you are a “writer,” then you are a “liar.” Period. We are sitting here writing stories, trying to get people to read our shit. Sometimes, the story would be more funny, less embarrassing, or just much cooler if you just put a little lie, a little grease for the excitement.  Like I told you in my first or second post, I am a fucking liar. I guarantee that I will lie to you, and if you don’t like that, or if you think that is wrong or immoral, go read the New York Times, LA Times, London Times, or maybe some of the President’s press releases. Because in those fine places, THERE ARE NO LIES.


I leave out huge sections of stories that really happened, so that I don’t get arrested by the FBI.  I also make shit up, so that I look better, or the story makes more sense. If you can handle that, then we might be able to establish a serious relationship.  The weekend is coming, my day is basically done, so anything else I might or might not post this morning/afternoon will just be afterbirth. Have fun this weekend.


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