I’ve got a few minutes before things get busy again. One time, I went to the bar with my girl T, and we met this crazy guy named Matthew. He was nice, funny, a little rough around the edges, but not a weird guy or anything at all. He had a Hollywood wisdom about him, and there’s a bit of a story to go along there, but that’s not what this post is about. I told him “Sorry” for something I did, either knocking into him or spilling a drink….It wasn’t a big deal, but I said sorry to him. He got a little agitated when I said I was sorry. He said, “Never say that you are sorry…if you do something wrong, apologize for it, but do not say you are sorry for anything.”

I am sorry I fucked up.

I apologize for fucking up.

The two statements are both admitting and regretting an error, but they are done in two extremely different ways. Saying “sorry” gives you a passive, take-it-up-the-butt flavor in which you bend over to the person you are saying sorry to (you can bend over backwards or forwards, it’s a personal preference). The point is, you are calling yourself a pussy bitch when you say you are sorry…”I am sorry.” I already know you’re sorry, you little bitch!

When you apologize, you take an active role in recognizing your mistake, and place the blame on something you did, not how you are. You aren’t a “sorry” piece of shit anymore. Now, you are just a fuck-up, but you have given yourself an opportunity to make it better.

“I apologize for not doing all that bullshit you wanted me to do and will get to it after I finish writing this stupid blog about nothing.”

“I am sorry that I didn’t do the bullshit you wanted. If I stop being sorry, I’ll get to it.”

The point is, if you’re sorry, guess what you are: a sorry whiney baby.

If you apologize, you take responsibility for your actions and give yourself the ability to improve in the future, or to correct your mistake.

The dude at the bar summed it up by saying, “Keep your WITS about you.”

Worry If Try Sorry

Why Worry about something? Fix it or forget about it.

If…..Don’t expect hypotheticals to be there for you when you need them. If you you weren’t so worthless, maybe your life would mean something.

Try…..Go talk to yoda about this one, loser.

Sorry…I just explained this one.

So keep your WITS about you, little bitches, and maybe you will start converting that thing running down your back into an actual spine made of calcium, instead of a wet spaghetti noodle.


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