It’s getting a little more Irish around here

Well, as previously advertised by Mr. Wage Slave on today’s post, I, Roughty, am now joining the team of this already sinking ship. I am here to keep Wage Slave afloat with my scathing insight and wit. I may be a neophyte, (and I applaud Wage Slave for his use of a word taught to him 3 weeks ago) yet what I lack in experience I more than amply make up for with….well we will have to wait and see. So, I’m being thrown into the fire, but all will be well. As the newest member, I believe I would be negligent in my duties if I did not outline my goals and the advantages I bring with each post.

1. I have known Wage Slave for roughly 6 years. He was the first person I met in college, and vice versa. It’s adorable, I’m aware. Therefore, many of our experiences were shared ones. Now, it has been known, but I cannot fully confirm, that we enjoy a few adult beverages from time to time, along with a few mind-altering substances. This fact forces our memories to be less than complete for many things. Yet with both our minds working, together we can get up to and including 93% of the facts of our drunken experiences.

1. With my addition to the writing team, we have now doubled the staff. That’s correct readers, DOUBLED. Progress like that cannot be ignored. This benefits you, our faithful readers. Between the time Wage Slave is “working”, and the time I am not too intoxicated to operate a keyboard, we will be able to churn out what we feel is so important, it must be written.

1. Wage Slave and I are very good friends, and subsequently share some mutual interests. However, we posses just as many individual ventures. My goal is to be able to add my own flavor and thoughts to this esteemed page. It will give another facet along with Wage Slave’s, thus broadening our scope. Hopefully, there will be something most can enjoy.

That will do for now. I wanted to get my goals down so when I look back after a while I can think, “Wow, I was way off.” I do not fear the threat of banishment from Wage Slave. I will just put it down as a lapse in his judgment. He knows all too well what happens when you tease the gorilla in the monkey house (more on that in the future). Feel free to make any comments; if you’re not happy with my addition to the site – too bad, I’m here to stay (or until my inevitable contract with some reputable outfit). We shall see where this experiment leads. As for now, I’m cracking a beer in celebration of my first post, and am off to go be Irish somewhere. More to come later….


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  1. 1 colon farell March 8, 2007 at 5:27 am

    oh snap

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