Introducing Roughty the Neophyte

The day is done, and I didn’t post shit on here. I was slightly busy all day….Thursday should be better because I will have less to do, and be more motivated to productively slack off with this blog.

Today I talked to my boy Roughty, co-star of the Book Burn. He said that he wanted to post something up here, and I decided to gladly oblige him. Now that I have a nice clean soapbox to shout from, I plan on taking turns and letting other people speak. I think it’s also important that he is starting to post very early in this blog’s life. This way, millions of people won’t get pissed at me because I gave over the reigns to a neophyte drunken Irishman.

I now turn it over to Roughty. If he doesn’t post one soon, he will be banned.


1 Response to “Introducing Roughty the Neophyte”

  1. 1 John June 17, 2007 at 7:09 am

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