My First Post?

It had to start sometime, so this is it. What the shit is going on here? Who cares? Who gives a fuck really? Not me, that’s for sure. It’s kind of hard to argue that point, though, considering I took the time to make this page. The big question now is…”What now??”

Cool blogs have a theme, but mine doesn’t. I guess the title of the blog could be considered the theme, but not really. I think the web address name is the best part….StoneWageSlave. That little world tells me a lot about whoever’s name that really is, which is obviously me. The first part is that he is stoned (me). The second part is that he has a job (weak). Another part is that he has a somewhat negative outlook on the working relationship between capitalism and reality. Yes it’s nice and dandy to have a job and to buy new clothes and stuff, pay rent and eat groceries, but it also sucks dick real hard. Real bad. It is nice to be around smart people who are motivated and work hard, but who really is around those people….I mean really…..because I’m sure as fuck not.

Today, my boss is out of town, so I am running the whole show. I’ve got my co-worker, D-nuts on the job, but he don’t really do shit after all, now does he? Maybe. But anyway, I’m running the show, acting busy, being all smart and shit, but in reality…what am I doing? I’m writing a stupid fucking blog about absolutely nothing, clicking my stupid keyboard and staring at my screen. Every couple of minutes, filter through some screens and send out an alert, but how hard is that shit after all? I mean really……………..

Getting back to an earlier point, I am a fucking slave. I might not be in shackles or anything, but I sure as hell get zero respect, I sure as hell am not working for myself, and there are plenty of flagrant Geneva convention-violating human rights violations littered throughout my day, everyday. Fucking terrible. You know what I want to be doing right now?

I’d rather be smoking weed and playing Cave Story, this Japanese freeware game Radiohead sent me. It’s badass, and you suck for reading my gay blog instead of playing that cool game.


1 Response to “My First Post?”

  1. 1 suityourself March 5, 2007 at 8:49 pm

    well, the wageslave has some very interesting points… first, slavery. i was just reading an interesting point about slavery in some book by the esteemed stephen e ambrose, and he was talking about how old tj (you know who i mean) wanted to abolish the slavery… he just wanted to wait until the next generation. further, the righthonorable ambrose wrote that, though tj was friends with one meriweather lewis, he never even mentioned to him that ending slavery should be his generation’s primary thrust. instead, they got drunk and went adventuring and shit. that’s really what it’s all about after all, right? of course right. everybody has all these grand sentiments, and some of them even put them into practice for a while, but when it all comes down to it and you have to choose between having that gold trim on your wagon wheels or not having it, you’re getting the gold motherfucker. all that said, the point is “them that has, gets.” once you’ve got the power, you never give it up. the only way to get the power from them at the top is to wait for them to die… for some of us, this is easier than for others. my boss is 76… so… well, without getting too morbid, you catch the drift. without the power, we’re all slaves. they fool us into thinking we’ve got a sweet life, but really, what’s the difference between my delicious frozen pizzas and crackly new blue jeans and those poor black bastards’ ripped-ass overhauls and some fried fuckin corn-pone? nothing. that’s the difference. we think our standard of living justifies the sacrifices we all make, but really we’re just wasting time trying to keep up with the joneses, and who are the joneses but kunta-kinte(sp?)’s nextdoor neighbors?!

    have you ever noticed that your boss makes you feel really smart and powerful right before he screws you further into the ground with some more wasteoftime work? well, maybe that’s just me, but it’s another kind of slavery. we’re all slaves to our own pride. we do what we think will make us look coolest, get the neatest piece of puuussssaaayyy, drive the fastest car (phliest whip), or take the greasiest vacations in the most lecherous (luxurious) locations. after all, what happens in vegas stays in vegas… except the std’s… right? right? awww…

    now, about the stoneywageslave, he shouldn’t complain. at least he’s swimming in the seas of pharmaceutical chronizzle. i’m over here cracking roaches and scraping my grinder just to stay lifted… (cuz it’s kinda hard being black and gifted)

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